funny adwordsNo I’m not using adwords on this site, but I wanted to share the selection that came up on a ning social network I’ve just set up for SMC London. All there is on the page for reference is my picture and an introductory post from me, and the title with strap “If you get it, share it (in London!)” which still doesn’t quite explain (at least to me) the link to gay bikini wearing chauffeurs with ringworm.

Btw, of course, if you’re interested in joining the network and thereby generating some more relevant advertising, please do get over there and sign up.

One thought on “Charming”

  1. Hello,

    We’re aware of this issue and working on something that we can do to circumvent Google from doing this on your networks.

    As background, you’re not the only one that thinks Google’s default advertising is problematic. Here’s a discussion thread on Google to this effect.

    We’ve tried to take off the most offensive ads via the AdSense filter and will continue to do so as a short-term fix. We’ll then put in a longer-term fix that will circumvent this altogether. The good news is that you should see appropriate ads within a couple days of setting up your network at the latest.


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