SMC London goes videoblogging

The London experiment with weekly media-making meetups continued this evening with another member getting his first taste of videoblogging. Guy West has been a regular at our discussion groups and kindly recorded some audio at one of the meetings.

We sat in the brand new foyer of the British Film Institute/National Film Theatre which only opened last week and chatted about our social use of the internet. I was showing off a bit pointing the camera in my general direction which results in the people standing behind me being beautifully in focus, but my face (some will no doubt say this is a blessing) is a bit blurry.

No Palme D’or for this one, but at least we had some footage – and it wasn’t just of me! I showed Guy how to transfer from the camera to PC and then do some simple editing tasks and then we topped and tailed it with some titles and credits. We’d stood around for long enough, occasionally getting odd stares from the patrons of the Lesbian & Gay film festival that’s currently running there so I didn’t make Guy watch while we uploaded it to YouTube – he knew how to do that bit anyway.Next week the clocks will have gone forward, we’ll be into British Summer Time, and hopefully it will be a bit warmer for our first Blogwalk.

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3 thoughts on “SMC London goes videoblogging”

  1. I was in the BFI last night, and noticed that they appear to have free wi-fi – did you try that out when you were there videoblogging?


  2. @rosie, yeah, that’s me, cute and blurry 🙂

    @stuart – yes, it worked fairly well, but because of the time we took processing the video and chatting we didn’t have time to use it to upload what we’d done. It seemed fast enough and there are plug sockets too (though you had to stand up to use these) you do have to log in, but the username is bfisouthbank and so is the password.

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