The party’s over…

P3140138For a few weeks earlier this year there were parties over the road in the Villa Elephant on the River. Every Saturday hordes of young people would arrive from about midnight onwards and the sound system would start up with bass booming through the night. At least that’s what I’m told happened. I always sleep like a log and so missed even the loudest bits every week.

Then a couple of weeks ago we got a letter through the door saying that the police were going to make sure nothing happened and that week and last weekend, all was quiet. But about 8.00 tonight we saw this scene where the police seemed to be making sure that the sound system and all the kit was packed away in a big van. The police have gone, but the party organisers are back out on the street, occasionally remonstrating with each other. Later on, it might get interesting if people arrive for the party but have to be turned away.

update: apparently this is what was supposed to happen (seen on MAXX’s myspace)

klewless pruf ridder rekwired

wagamamama voucherJust got this.

1. What does “only original vouchers accepted” mean in this context? Do I have to dial up my mail on my phone and show the waiter the pic? Or am I allowed to print it out. If I can print it out, what’s to stop me printing out 50 and giving them to my friends? And what, apart from their high ethical standards, is to stop anyone reading this downloading it and using it?

2. does “exclusivley” mean the same as “exclusively” (I’m just guessing here)

3. I didn’t realise I’d signed up to be a wagamamama covent garden member. I don’t know if I like wagamamama’s food as much as I like wagamama’s. AFAIK there are zero wagamamama covent garden members so this is a bit worthless really.

Your patience please

I’m trying today to get my dns records sorted out so that I get my mail for lloyd at and pointing here to the blog.

Apologies to all those who have been bounced of late. For now, the best way to e-mail me is still lloyd dot davis at gmail dot com, to see the blog come to (rss from ) skype me as perfectpath or telephone +447919182825

Open Coffee

open coffeeI could only make half an hour at Saul Klein’s Open Coffee yesterday but managed to talk to John Hornbaker, Nic Brisbourne, a guy looking for investors for his food social network and Euan before striding off north-eastwards to see a prospect. It was a really buzzing affair – I’m definitely going again next week with more time to spare – it still is bizarre to walk through the practically empty shop up to the Starbucks upstairs which was packed full of blue jeans & blazers and a smattering of black t-shirts. A great example of the power of face to face that Kathy Sierra’s talking about today.

May Day for Nurses

Steve Moore passed this on from Jonathan Simmons at PublicZone:

“Public Zone have become involved in a wonderful campaign called May Day For Nurses, which aims to highlight the plight of nurses as the lowest paid public sector professionals, by asking every premiership footballer to donate their wages from the last day of the season to a hardship fund.

We don’t want your money (that will come from the players), we just want your support. We have built a fan table on-line (it even has space for non football fans!), please go and register your support, it will really help us get press, and convince the players.”

I have, why haven’t you?

SMC London Making Media

P3050042OK, so my bright idea was a little under-attended last week (yes, I was the only one to turn up) but nevertheless I did one of the things I set out to do which was to make some media.

Tonight we had a 500% increase in the number of attendees and half of the people who came along can be heard in the podcast we made! I met up with Ronna Porter (who’s going to lead our discussion group meeting next week) in the foyer of the National Theatre on London’s South Bank. To show her just how easy making a podcast could be, I set up my gear and she set up the gear that she’d borrowed for the night and off we went. We talked a lot about the use of sound and music in advertising and PR and my views on podcasting. A little way in, we were joined by Lars Plougmann, whose contribution, you’ll hear, was repeatedly interrupted by his three friends ringing him to find out where we were. Sadly there aren’t as many massage parlours in this centre of cultural excellence as Chris, Howard and Debbie found in Las Vegas earlier but then they didn’t have a tango band in the background.

I was the only one who’d any experience of podcasting so I showed everyone how simply the file was transferred to my laptop, edited and put through the compressor in Audacity and then exported to mp3. I wasn’t able to upload it to my podcast server while they watched as the large amounts of concrete in the National kept us disconnected from the ThamesOnline network. Ronna kept her recorder running while we did this latter part so there may be another podcast to follow! There was quite a bit of discussion about discoverability, tagging and allowing users to create the metadata they need, rather than trying to control it as a creator.

So next week we return to the 3rd Thursday discussion group indoors with beers and nibbles format but on 22nd we’ll be out and about again, this time with our video cameras teaching each other about video-blogging – watch the wiki page for details.

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Social Media Club London Tonight

Tonight, 8th March, we will be getting together for our 2nd Thursday weekly meetup at 6pm to talk and share practice around podcasting & audioblogging.

I’m suggesting meeting up in the foyer of the National Theatre on the South Bank – we should be able to find somewhere quiet enough to practice recording, but it’s not so quiet and intimate that we will disturb others. I will have my portable recording kit, feel free to bring your own.

Do let me know if you are intending to come, feel free to bring anyone along who might be interested or tell a friend (or indeed your worst enemy) to come along.

Also do let me know if you want me to shut up about bloody social media club.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, see the FAQ on the wiki:

See you at six 🙂

4 groups, types or characteristics at Uploading

P2240024I was going to go into big detail on the four types or groups of people – or perhaps they are characteristics found within individuals that I noticed at the Uploading Innovation unconference on Tuesday, but I think I’ll just present them for now and maybe fill in the detail later.

The four elements I saw coming together more than I have done at other events are People People, Geeks, Capitalists and Philosophers.

People People – who focus on the social nature of collaboration, what it means to us as individuals and as groups of people

Geeks – who focus on technological facilitation of collaboration, what machines can do for us

Capitalists – who focus on making new businesses, how to make more money out of collaboration

Philosophers – who focus on the ideas and constructing theories about what this all means for the human race

Having contributions from all of these, rather than just one dominant group was one of the things that made the conversations on the day all the more interesting and productive. Thankfully most of those who came were aware of their shortcomings and there weren’t too many know-it-alls (my prejudice is that this is a geek trait – people people, capitalists and philosophers are willing to admit that they could know more about the tech, but some geeks insist that they also know everything about people, money and ideas) [ducks for cover]