An open letter to those I’ve met on the road

Dear friend

Thank you yet again for your kindness and hospitality during my coast-to-coast journey. You have cheered me along as I’ve plodded on, some of you have supported me financially, some of you have opened your homes to me, all of you have added to my experience in some way and I’ve never failed to be amazed by your generosity.

I’m still on my way (writing this on the train from NOLA to Chicago, it just got dark in darkest Mississippi) but in a week’s time I’ll be almost ready to fly home.

You may have seen my blog, where I’m chronicling the journey and occasionally reflecting on what I’m learning. I’m writing to invite you to take part in this project in a slightly different way and beef up the social part of this social art..

I would love it if you could find a little time to tell your side of the story. What did you see when I blundered through your life? Did you get anything of value out of our interaction? What were you expecting before I arrived? Did anything interesting happen after I’d gone? Did I leave you with anything? All these are just suggestions, they’re what I think I’m most interested in, but feel free to let rip with anything else. However, you should understand that I intend to publish your contribution on the project blog.

If you have the wherewithal to create a video piece where you talk about the experience to camera that would be great, but audio submissions and just good old writing would be lovely too. I’m using posterous so if you contribute something in a medium other than writing, you can host it on your favourite media-sharing site (youtube, vimeo etc for video – I like for audio) and simply include the URL at the beginning of the post and posterous will render it appropriately.

Please e-mail something for publication to . The subject line of your e-mail will become the title of your post – please include your name or twitter name there. Eg “That no-good dirty rascal by @catweazle” That will get it into the pipeline, I will review all submissions and probably stagger publication over a period if I get lots of posts all in one go. All content on the blog is Creative Commons licenced by-nc-sa. By submitting in this way, you are releasing your work under this licence.

If you have anything you’d like to say about the project that you don’t want published, then please just e-mail me directly.


Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman