Suddenly, I’m almost done!

Well not quite, but this time next week I’ll have been back in London for 24 hours.

So it’s probably time to start counting backwards from then and getting some ideas of things to do between now and Thursday in place.

My flight from New York leaves at 7.30pm so I’ll need to be at the airport by 5.30 I guess.  That means if I want to do an evening thing in NYC with people I know, that will need to be Wednesday night.  So the latest I want to arrive in the city is Wednesday afternoon.

I am currently scheduled up to Sunday afternoon, when Anne has offered to take me up to Philadelphia as she’s going there for a basketball match.  So I have Sunday afternoon/evening thru Wednesday afternoon to fill.

I had hoped (and still do) to meet up with Neal Foley (@podchef) one of my longest-standing social media buddies (he commented on my very first podcast at the end of 2004).  He now lives near Belfast, ME but it really is looking like it’s going to be too difficult to get up there.  I still have 4 segments left on my rail pass.  

So, simplest (at least in terms of travel) first.  I could get a train from Philly to NYC on Sunday if I could find people to put up with me Sunday thru Thursday.

I could also get up to Boston on Sunday evening, see if there are folk to see on Monday and then come back down to NY for a couple of days.

The Maine option looks like Boston Sunday night staying with persons as yet unknown, early start on Monday to get up to Portland on the train then bus to Belfast.  Two nights down on the farm and then Wednesday travelling back down to New York (7.55am start from Belfast – hey I’m staying with a farmer!) getting into Penn Station at 10pm (if it’s on time) just in time to party!

Hmmm…. it’s pretty tight ain’t it?  (Also depending on how they count segments, it might blow out my allocation of journeys on the rail pass and mean some journeys have to be paid extra for)

No matter what, I’m going to need at least one night on a couch in NYC (Wednesday) and possibly somewhere in Boston tomorrow night.  I also need help working out what to do, where and with whom on Wednesday evening (possibly early but also possibly 10pm-ish – I know, that’s early…!)

Show me the way, people!  I’m going to go out and help Anne with some yard work while y’all work this one out for me.  Call it… Solve it while I secateur 🙂


Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman