Take two ‘E’s and see me in the morning

I guess my years at the Audit Commission created an intolerance in me for stuff that looks like it restricts people’s creativity in the search for premium efficiency or effectiveness. My initial prickliness when reading Euan’s piece More is Less has subsided with subsequent readings.

For me, my podcast is more about art than efficient communication – it is no more an attempt to become a radio star than my blog is an attempt to get a job writing full-time for a newspaper. But doing anything in this interconnected world means doing it in public. And doing art in public means there are mistakes out there and stuff I wish I’d never done (no I’m not going to link to examples!), stuff where I’ve struggled to express myself clearly, as well as the bits I’m really proud of.

As I said (with my ranting trousers pulled right up to my armpits) the other week when it was suggested that podcasting is a “bad idea” (with additions for emphasis in square brackets)

Let’s look at this in another context to try to show you what I’m talking about. why do I bother getting dressed up, travelling into the city and pay a lot of money to sit in a theatre for hours on end to see some people “act out” stuff that Shakespeare wrote down [very effectively] 400 years ago. I mean, I even have his complete works on my bookshelf – I can read all of them [with extreme efficiency] without leaving my house, in fact I can read some of one play and then skip over to another – this stuff’s all on DVD anyway. Hey, even worse than that, I hear my kid’s school is going to do Hamlet next year – how crap is that going to be ?!? – those kids should just stay in and read.

That said, it’s also about me learning to use a communication tool for which I see organisational applications – where efficiency and effectiveness of communication are important – but as with other learning, one has to do the inefficient in order to see the efficient, to do the ineffective to truly see what will be effective.

7 thoughts on “Take two ‘E’s and see me in the morning”

  1. Like i said – it’s about finding the right tool for the job and being creative is the job your are using podcasting to tackle hence it is arguably more effective than text.

  2. Efficiency and Effectiveness are diametrically opposed to the creative process. The initial creation of something–art, music, or a new form of communication–is supposed to be messy, complicated and a bit orgiastic. You have to throw yourself upon it and flail about until things start to mesh.
    Text is passionless unless there is context. In a novel–even the best and most gripping–you have to wade through chapters of introduction to create the context which pulls you along. Sure the first few paragraphs of the first chapter may suck you in, but then there is all the drivel which makes up ordinary life which has to go on before you can find out ooo done it.
    I think the new place for audio and video blogging is not in-place of text, but along side it. Even a 1000-word worth picture needs text, often, to put it into a context we can all understand.
    Our world is a multi-media one, even before we print, record, and video. Art emulates reality. It is our personal expression of the world around us. In that, let the creativity shine. Would any one read the rants of a Speaker’s Corner bod if they were transcripted? It’s the experience which must be lived, even if its a bit messy and inefficient. Speaking of which, where has the walking, talking art instillation been lately?

  3. This stuff about creativity is a red herring. No one was arguing for some utilitarian nightmare where only effectiveness and efficiency count. I was just saying that the right tool needs to be used for the right job and making a badly made video or badly made podcast when a chunk of text would do is a waste of time for both the originator and the receiver.

  4. Euan, thanks, the lotion’s very soothing.

    The trouble is that some people have argued differently. Jonathan, to whom the other comment was addressed, was saying it’s simply a matter of efficiency.

    I think that what I’m also trying to say is that I think it’s too early to be making judgements like “badly made” on a form that is only recently being tried out by more than a handful of people. I also think that we don’t know well enough what “the job” is that we’re trying to do to always know when we’re using the right tool or not.

  5. Neal, are you talking about me when you say “walking talking art installation”? I want that on my gravestone!

    Truth is I’ve been far too immersed in the social whirl and the utilitarian nightmare.

    However, my podwalking trousers are neatly pressed and podwalking boots are brightly polished. I firmly intend to get something out tomorrow (Wednesday). Musn’t forget me cables.

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