Podwalk #13

Buckingham PalaceAaah the relief. I thought I’d never get back on this particular horse, and I was missing it so.

Les Posen broke this news to the podcasters group that the Queen has bought an iPod and started speculation about which podcast Her Majesty would be listening to first.

I thought it would be most appropriate for me to take you on a stroll down from the Perfect Path Penthouse to Buckingham Palace, through Mayfair and Green Park. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I get a call from the Palace.

3 thoughts on “Podwalk #13”

  1. Well, all I can say is it’s a good thing I live in the country. I was outside strimming away, happy as a lark vigorously gafawing over several of the comments in this one! My neighbors, if I had any close enough, would have thought me balmy. First criticism though, a bit harsh on us Yanks, you ;-} Too bad for us. Suggesting that the statue of FDR (or was it Eisenhower) was a bit camp, ducky, had me doubled over because I could see it, you, and your rather camp reaction. You have been away too long! Great return, and if her Majesty ever does listen your podwalks, I’m sure you will get your just dues. Can’t wait for the next one. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Yes, I do get a bit naughty – it just struck me that both these symbols of American wartime courage and might are represented in (what seems to me today) to be particularly camp stances – I think it says more about the way that macho stereotypes have been subverted by the gay community than about the subjects themselves!

    Just for the record, I love Americans – but you always hurt the ones you love, the ones you shouldn’t hurt at all.

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