Itune out, drop off, turn in

Having read Neal’s post today and having had something of a blog binge earlier, I thought I’d catch up with the rest of the world and have a look at Itunes 4.9

Perhaps I wanted to wind myself up as an antidote to all the unravelling of ideas that I’ve been doing, I don’t know, but I wish I’d chosen something gentle like self-administered trepanning instead.

I’ve now walked away. I am calm. I have forgiven Steve Jobs, for now.

I cannot be arsed to add their elements to my feed. I cannot be arsed to join up and give them my credit card details so that I can put them straight on my podcasts metadata. I cannot be arsed to dig around to find out how to correct what’s already (half) there.

When at least three people approach me independently of each other and say, “I’ve been looking for your podcast on Itunes, but I can’t find it anywhere” then I shall contemplate doing something about it.

I’m glad my best podcast buddies are similarly cool.


One thought on “Itune out, drop off, turn in”

  1. We all know, now, when Lloyd can’t be ‘arsed’ enough to do something it ain’t worth doin! ;-p You are right of course–it isn’t worth fixing the RSS, etc just for iTunes. They’ll get the message as they untangle themselves from thier eagerness–what they get for Currying favor and not listening to and asking a Winer. Probably better too many people don’t get addicted to your special brand of Britishness–your bandwidth would skyrocket. And no we’d never mistake you for a Welsh–even if you were the only one in Glandewy Brevis. ;+} Now get some rest, you hooligan–you’ve had a busy day.

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