Blogging – a real conversation?

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll stroll down to Soho for a New Media Knowledge event at zero-one.

“The trust people put in blogs, their simplicity and interactive character, and their ability to be aggregated via RSS have combined to grant blogs a unique status in the communications spectrum.

This event will examine the increasing importance and influence of blogs – as sources of trusted opinion and as a barometer of the shifting balance of power in media publishing.

Panel 1 – Is nano-publishing a new communications paradigm?
Sabrina Dent – Blogging vs traditional publishing
Rafael Behr – Blogging, journalism & the media landscape
Mike Beeston – Nano-publishing and the social-media revival

Panel 2 – Are blogs the new voices of authority?
Suw Charman – The myth of objectivity exposed
Johnnie Moore – Authentic authority
Adriana Cronin-Lukas – Blogs: ripping up the marketing mix?”

should satisfy my lust for more media-related blogworthy material. Hopefully get a podcast out of it too.