Perfect Path Podwalk #14

Covent GardenSo here it is podwalk fans, number 14 in a series of not enough. Yesterday I elbowed my way through the tourists along Neal Street, down James Street and into the Covent Garden Piazza. After a clockwise tour of the piazza, I arrived at the East Side for a street entertainment spectacular from Bruce.

If anyone knows Bruce, or knows any way of contacting him, let me know in the comments so that we can set up a virtual hat for listeners to this podcast to donate their two quid by paypal. Apologies for some of the raucous laughter and shouting, I quite forgot I was on mic at times! Pictures as ever on with the tag podwalk014

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5 thoughts on “Perfect Path Podwalk #14”

  1. Great podwalk to a place I love to waste time in. The one Busker sounded a bit like a young Ian Anderson, and the performace dude, Bruce–great stuff!

  2. It’s a trick I learned from some Gastrocast geezer. At least my photos don’t make you drool. (Well, I suppose it depends on your taste.) Glad you enjoyed it. Luckily, the Neal’s Yard reference didn’t come to me on the day otherwise, I’d have made some embarrassingly awful joke about it.

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