Podcast: Ouch! with @davebriggs

Dave and Lloyd chat about early blogging, deleting blogs, thinking about workflow, outlining, working with Fargo! and WordPress, interspersed with Lloyd’s cluelessness about the basic dangers of electricity.

Download (45MB)

“The interesting thing about Bank Holidays…”
- Lloyd’s recap of his early blogging
- The actual first (undeleted) post on Perfect Path
- Dave Winer’s Noteblog Format
- Digital Team Blogs at DH
- GTD – the five phases of work
- Lloyd on Instagram
- Posting to WordPress from Fargo
- Getting WordPress content back into Fargo
- WXR is the WordPress XML format
- The source for wp2opml on Github
- The tuttle2texas blog (imported from posterous)
- Somewhere.com
The Somewhere post was the same post as the early blogging post.
Ouch! Again!
- Day One
- Try Doorbell Episode Three
- BERG Weeknotes
- Narrating Your Work

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