KM Europe day 2

This morning to a presentation on Rewerse (semantic stuff including a tool to do smart screen scraping – not sure about this, will blog later).

Then a warm and dull hour with Factiva on taxonomy yawn – had a mad dash to find some food that I could eat – everything here was bread and cheese.

Now dashing into the Knowledge Board workshop

Good Morning Amsterdam

Managed to get a connection in my hotel room via senc.

Lovely dinner last night at Restaurant Tibet with KMEuropers Piers, Sari, Heiko, Martin, Magdalena, Lillia, Herwig, Peter, Patricia, Roberta, Gabriela & Ed… did I miss anyone out, I’m sure we commented on having 13 for dinner?

Conversations about Tibet, metasearch – there seems to be nothing but search search & metasearch in the exhibition hall here – including bookmarking, crazy careers, languages – ancient greek, latin, french, hebrew etc – while a heated conversation was going on to my left in German “es gibt kein TangibleOutcomes!” of which the end, we were relieved to hear was agreement that there was no problem.

Dinner followed by a walk around some back streets where I could feel a faint red glow in my peripheral vision, but during which I kept my eyes firmly on the path in front of me and carefully examining the canal water with only the occasional glimpse of UV-lit underwear and naked flesh – honest – Piers, Sari and I all managed to resist the chap who muttered “cokecstaseee” as he passed.

I’m mostly just amazed at how much English is spoken here – not just by the drunken scousers stumbling by the canal, but by all and it seems quite willingly, not omigodanotherbunchofbrits as in some parts of Europe – I like to believe that they know how excruciatingly embarrassed we are not to be able to speak or understand their language and are being very nice.

Now to check out and get off to the conference centre.

This tickled me

Nice little google – try searching for

modernising government agenda

and hit the [I’m feeling lucky] button.

Obviously either time to get back to old-fashioned government or even moderner government….

Yer ’tis in case it slips from the top page in google

KM Europe

Wooo (with a hoo and just a smidge of yay) I’m off to KM Europe next week. Unconvinced of the value of the paid-for plenary sessions (and certainly not interested in vendors), the thing for me is meeting up with cool people, hearing what they’re up to and taking part in the PKM Workshop on Tuesday afternoon.

A shame though that I couldn’t also afford flights up to Sweden for Blogwalk V but hey who knows what might happen between now and then!