All part of the story

An important aspect of projects like this is that whatever happens, whether it turns out according to plan or not, it’s all part of the story.  Things don’t “go wrong” they just go differently to how we expected.

So today I had a chat with Nick and he told me that he’s now got theatre work until June.  Which is fantastic! Not only that but it sounds like some really interesting theatre.  However, it does mean that things will have to work differently than we’d thought and so we’ll have to see how it turns out.

Our intention had been for Nick to start training and for me to get started on collecting material properly in April or May after I get back from a trip across the USA.  I will still do this, but it’ll have to be something else.  And what that something else will be will depend on where we are at that time.  All part of the story…

Originally posted on In the Blue Corner